Founded in 1998, Bridges Design Group (BDG) focuses exclusively on design and marketing of consumer packaged products.

BDG is a one-source, full-service agency providing the entire range of design and marketing resources, including research, copywriting, original photography and illustration and design of consumer and trade product packaging and collateral materials.

Since its inception, the company has held to three principles to ensure client success and satisfaction: respect of brand heritage; concern for consumer experience; and collaboration with clients during the methodical design development process. BDG’s top priority is successful communication in the marketplace.

BDG has produced product packaging for category-leading products including Back To Nature, Balance Bar, Flipz, Poppycock, Fiddle Faddle, Stella D’Oro, Turtles and many other consumer and private-label brands.


Bridges Design Group
Playa Del Rey, CA 90293